Pearson Roller plan

My Pearson Roller plan

So this is my take on a Pearson Roller design.

I checked the plans I found and made a plan where I thought the kite would fly well and look nice.
I think I did succeed.

I have the "percent plan" which gives the dimensions of the kite depending on the keel length and a "ready" plan which shows a kite with 1 m keel length and the calculated lengths of all other dimensions.

Those are just simple handdrawn plans, no big building manual. But everone who already did build a kite before should have enough information.
The kite is really not that difficult to build  :D
If you have problems, e-mail me and I will take some detail pictures.

I did build the kite in two different sizes, 1 m and 1,65 m keel length ... they flew without a problem at the first try.
I wouldn't make the kite bigger than around 3 m (10'), but up to that size I am sure the plans will work.

Bild "percent_tb.jpg"   percent.jpg                              Bild "ready_tb.jpg"  ready.jpg