Set up information for stunt kites

Set up information for stunt kites

Well ...
Because of lots of bad experience over the years I now tend to make a "setup sheet", a small rtf-file where I write down any information
about tubes, connectors, bridles, weights ... and on and on.
That way I have all the information to repair my kites.

And I did decided to make them public.

But a warning!
These are all my own measurements, some times even after repairs, including my measuring errors!
These are not a 100% exact data sheets!
Do NOT call me names if you used my measurements and are unhappy later on.

If you want to be sure, try and contact the producer of your kite!!!

P.S.: If anybody wants to help and add to this collection, I do have two forms, two templates, one in german it is called Vorlage.rtf
and one in english it is called template.rtf for you to write down the critical measurements.