Kites designed by myself

Kites I designed on my own

In 2007 und 2008 after my time in the STACK competitions I designed a kite after my own wants and needs, one that was fine tuned to my flying style.
In the end I was quite happy with it and other pilots commented positively on my "Project One".
As I am friends with Jens Frank, the owner of Level One kites, I did send him my final prototype and in the end it became (after some tuning by Level One) the "Eternity".
First it was sold as a Limited Edition, 30 standart and 30 ultralight kites. Afterwards it was sold with small changes and in a new design for about 5 years.
And as you can see, I am still working on a vtd. version, these knowlage will be usefull for my "Project Two".

Bild "ProjectOneul_tb.jpg"   Projekt One sul     Bild "ProjectOnestd_tb.jpg"  Projekt One std

Bild "EternityLtdul_tb.jpg"  Eternity Ltd. ul        Bild "EternityLtdstd_tb.jpg"   Eternity Ltd. std        Bild "Eternityul_tb.jpg"   Eternity ul       Bild "Eternitystd_tb.jpg"  Eternity std

Bild "Eternityvtd2_tb.jpg"   Vtd MK2                  Bild "Eterntityvtd3_tb.jpg"  Vtd MK3                     Bild "Eterntityvtd4_tb.jpg"  Vtd MK4