The setup sheets

The setup sheets

Okay, these are my setup sheets I made over the years for the kites I owned (or still own ... :) )  
(But as you can see there are not that many online yet .. I am working on it, but it takes some time to translate all of them from german to english ...)

from HQ:
BlackWidow.rtf      Emissary.rtf      Infinitystd.rtf      JamSession.rtf

from Flying Wings:
Duende240.rtf      Hornettuned.rtf  

from Level One:
BlackPearlPro.rtf      Eternityltd.rtf      JackintheBox.rtf      Eternityul.rtf      Eternity.rtf      Genesis.rtf      Gentleman.rtf      JJF.rtf

from Aeerie kites or Blue Moon:
AirFX.rtf      Diabolo.rtf

by others:
Araneus.rtf by SpiderKites      Aviv.rtf      BadBoy.rtf by PBSK      Belusa.rtf by Wolkenstürmer      Fluidul.rtf      Goblin.rtf by Eisi      Histrion.rtf by Cavaliers du Ciel     Icetuned.rtf      Instigatorstd.rtf by Dave Smith      Isis.rtf by Kites Unlimited