About four line kites

Four line kites

Four line kites have the advantage that you can fly them forward and backwards.
You have two different type, those

with spars

  - often looking like a Revolution kite or similar which can even do propeller spins and tricks like flic-flac, backflips and axels and then those

without spars

- also called foil kites (you can get them also as a two liner). No real tricks here, they use 4 lines for the control because they are mostly used when on buggies and mountianboards.
  Or in the snow on skis or snowboards.

With both versions you have some kind of bend aluminium tube (around 20 to 40 cm in length - 8" to 16"),
where the steering line is knotted to the top and the brake lines to the bottom, in each hand.
Mostly you grip them on the upper part.
The difficulty for most peolple is that you steer mostly from your wrists and that the arm movements are minimal.