My videos

My videos

This is a collection of some videos I took and about me flying.
Don't expect to much, I am still lacking a camera operator and the skils to fly nicely for a camera on a tripod ...

Heiko flies my Projekt One at the kite festival in Wittenberg in very light winds

Sorry about the poor quality, it was some time ago (2003) and it didn't had the best camera back then.
Projekt One in Wittenberg: projektone.wmv

Some vidoes of me flying at the beach:

Without hands
I did loop the handles around my belt on the sides and thern I tried to take a video while flying this way ...

Without hands 2
This time I just found a unsuspecting lady walking on the beach and I roped her in as a video camera operator  :P

At the beach
Just some impressions while the Project one was still under development in 2008.