Emissary std

The Emissary std

Designed by Wayne Knott in Cananda (Ex- Dreamweaver kites - who just recently said he'd come back to kites - April 2019) and build by HQ in Poland(?) in 2006.
A nice trick kite, a bit heavy, but the weight helps to throw it around ...  :D  Not a light wind kite.      I love to muck around with my kites ... so I moved the inner standoff 6 cm inwards
... and put Pt5's in the leading edge instead the P200 ... and  BD Nitros as a spreaders instead of DT18 ... and made a 3 point bridle for it, instead of a turbo ... but I swear ... thats all !

Wingspan: 233 cm, Height: 99 cm, Keel length: 90 cm, Weight: 339 gr.

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